Zoom +/-

Not surprisingly, maps and the mapping process hold a special allure for artists. The codification of social, political and topographical information into graphic form leaves itself open to exploitation by those who wish to work with both visual and conceptual stimuli. "Zoom" brings together 19 map-drunk artists from Britain and Australia as well as the U.S. Some of these cartographic infatuates actually invent maps, proposing unlikely places or absurd relationships (spatial and otherwise); more turn existing maps into impossible objects and delirious pictures. Some paint, others draw, still others cut up, and yet others print out. Several concentrate on roads, slicing routes from maps until nothing's left but lacy skeins. A few conjure old-style maps, replete with elaborate illustrations and garrulous annotations. All, however, revel in the dense richness of the map format. Notable in this number are Christian Nold, Nina Katchadourian, Lordy Rodriquez, Joyce Kozloff, Matthew Picton, Doug Beube, Linda Ekstrom, Louisa Bufardeci and Robert Walden.

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