"Zoom" at Limn: Rose's work might almost have found a place in "Zoom +/-" at Limn, a show that originated in Southern California. Its organizers, Doug Beube and Sherry Frumkin, pulled together works by more than a dozen artists concerned somehow with mapping.

The biggest surprise here: the "emotion maps" of British artist Christian Nold, including one of San Francisco's Mission District.

Nold contrived a device to measure its wearer's galvanic skin response - a marker of emotional arousal - and correlate it with location. In San Francisco, over five weeks, he asked 98 participants to walk the Mission streets so he could make a map of their responses. He also asked them to make notes on their experiences, many of which appear in the finished map. They range from predictable - "garage sale" - to the intriguing - "saw a couple fighting and I actually dialed 911."

The San Francisco map and several others can be downloaded at www.emotionmap.net.

Other artists represented here have shown frequently in the Bay Area, including Matthew Picton, who has rendered cities with troubling associations - Baghdad, Madrid, Caracas - as overlapping lattices of street plans and transport lines.

Nina Katchadourian, Lordy Rodriguez and Australian Louisa Bufardeci also warrant a close look here.

In 1996, Katchadourian cut the circulatory system of roads and rail lines from a map of Austria. She balled up the tangled product and displayed it in a glass box. It appears here with a photographic spin-off, a large c-print of "Austria" (2005), looking a little like a crumpled science-class model of something delicate and organic.

Zoom +/- : Works in various media by 14 contemporary artists. Through Feb. 23. Limn Gallery, 292 Townsend St., San Francisco. (415) 977-1300, www.limnartgallery.comhttp://www.limnartgallery.com.