Nyack News and Views

October 1, 2011

Exhibit 23’s inaugural event on Oct 1 explores the ideas of form, perception and perspective presenting the work of Robert Walden, Ryan Sarah Murphy and Robert Strati. Robert Walden’s hand-drawn linear mappings of imagined cities hint at the biomorphic and reflect a complexity of documentation in which, time, imagination and external references are recorded. Ryan Sarah Murphy’s interplay between refined precision and delicate dilapidation suggest a unique kind of architectural language inherent in buildings, cities and nature. Robert Strati’s semi transparent and floating structures use everyday materials referencing lines, planes and emptiness. The work experiments with the fundamentals of spatial representation.

Located just outside Nyack, NY. Exhibit 23 is nestled in the middle of the suburban neighborhood of Valley Cottage. Attached to the home of artist Robert Strati and writer Jocelyn Jane Cox, Exhibit 23 is part of a unique environment merging home, studio and exhibition space.

The goal of Exhibit 23 is to create a contemporary setting for artists to share their work and exchange ideas with the creative community of Rockland County.

The art at Exhibit 23 may be purchased directly through the artists. Exhibit 23 does not conduct transactions, rather they encourage the exhibiting artists to sell their work directly to collectors and will provide collectors with artist’s contact information upon request.

Exhibit 23 is located at 23 Tena Place in Valley Cottage, NY. Stop by on Oct 1 from 2p to 5p. For more information and driving directions, visit www.exhibit23.com